ri-vital Spot Check Monitor

Please note: This product is now discontinued; this page is for product support and information only.

Riester’s ri-vital spot check monitor is designed for the mobile, precise and fast recording of vital signs data at clinics, hospitals and outpatient treatments. ri-vital simultaneously measures NIBP, SpO2 and temperature (optional predictive thermometer) and is clinically validated for adults and newborns weighing as little as 1 kg (2.21 lb).

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ri-vital cart


ri-vital rectal probe thermometer


ri-vital power supply

Features and benefits

  • Coloured 4.3“ TFT display screen (SYS, DIA, MAP, pulse, SpO2, Temp, plethysmogram)
  • Temperature alternatively with infrared technology for the ear measurement or with Filac™ 3000 for the oral/rectal measurement including probe dispenser
  • Memory function for measurement readings and infrared interface for infrared printer
  • Shock resistant
  • NIBP (non-invasive blood pressure) modes for adults and neonates
  • Washable and disinfectable cuffs with coiled tube, extendible up to 2 m. Including cuffs for adults and large adults
  • SpO2 sensors with a cable length of 1.2 m (47.2 in) or optional 2.40 m (94.5 in)
  • Optional with PEARL measuring technology for the use with critical patients (e. g. neonates)
  • Easy handling via membrane keyboard (disinfectable) and self-explanatory menu
  • Practical storage facilities for accessories (cuffs, sensors, cable, probe covers)
  • Efficient and lightweight rechargeable Li-ion battery pack (approx. 250 measurements)
  • Portable version or mounted on a stable and smooth running mobile stand with large basket and optional printer holder
  • Independent protection system against excess pressures according to EN1060-3

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