Riester Thermometry

Digital thermometers of Riester provide precise measurements of tympanic, oral, rectal and/or axillary temperature.

Thermometers are a vital tool in the understanding of an ailment in the human body

Medical thermometers offer a high level of accuracy and provide a vital link in understanding the body’s core temperature to the healthcare professional. A high temperature of over 38°C (100.4°F) can indicate a fever or an illness in the patient and can provide a vital tool for monitoring the progress of the illness.

Medical thermometers come in a variety of versions; oral, axillary (armpit), rectal, tympanic (ear), or temporal (forehead). Riester offers a solution to each of these which are used in clinics around the globe.

The Riester thermometry portfolio

ri-thermo® tymPRO+ tympanic thermometer

Tympanic thermometer which measures temperature with single-handed operation and single-use probe covers.

ri-thermo® sensioPRO+ thermometer

A thermometer which measures temperature without contact with single-handed operation.

RPT-100 predictive thermometer

RPT-100 is a predictive thermometer extension module for the ri-former Modular Diagnostic Station.

ri-gital® digital thermometer

ri-gital® is a digital thermometer which provides precise measurements of oral, rectal and/or axillary temperature.

ri-thermo® N professional thermometer

Professional clinical tympanic thermometer with infrared technology which provides measurements of the body temperature.

ri-thermo® N clinical thermometer

ri-thermo N clinical tympanic thermometer with infrared technology provides simple and safe temperature readings.