Diagnostic Devices for Eye and ENT
(Ear, Nose & Throat)

Designed for demanding everyday use in doctors‘ practices and hospitals, Riester’s EENT instruments are developed through close cooperation between our engineers and users in primary and hospital care. The product lines, ranging from handheld otoscope and ophthalmoscopes to loupes, offers cutting edge technologies in order to improve performance of instruments and to reduce maintenance costs.

Our portfolio of Otoscopes and Ophthalmoscopes

Find here the Riester diagnostic devices for Otolaryngology (ENT) and for Ophthalmology.

ENT (Ear, nose & throat)

Our portfolio for Otolaryngology

e-scope® Pocket Otoscope

Lightweight, economical otoscope at a perfect size and weight for you to carry in your pocket all day.

EliteVue Macro Otoscope

Our top of the line premium otoscope option. With 5x magnification and a wheel to adjust focal depth.

RCS-100 Digital Otoscope

RCS-100 Medical Camera System with Otoscope Lens for digital otoscopy.

ri-scope® L Otoscope

Riester’s ri-scope® L line of otoscopes with the choice between LED or Xenon illumination.

ri-scope® Operation Otoscope Human

Suited for illumination and examination of the ear canal as well as for minor operations in the auditory canal.

uni-otoscope-uni-may-ophthalmoscope-500x500-crop-1 (1)
uni® I, II, III

uni®I Otoscope, uni®II May-Ophthalmoscope and uni®III Otoscope/May-Ophthalmoscope.

econom® diagnostic set for Eye and ENT

The Riester econom® is a complete diagnostic set for ear, eye, nose and throat treatment.

ri-scope® F.O. tongue blade holder

ri-scope® fibre optic tongue blade holder is hand-held instrument for diagnosis of the throat with fibre optic.

ri-scope® F.O. nasal speculum

Accessory head available for the ri-scope® L handle. The fibre optic Xenon or LED illumination nasal speculum.


Our portfolio for Ophthalmology

e-scope® Pocket Ophthalmoscope

Lightweight, economical pocket ophthalmoscope with LED or Xenon illumination and a Dioptre disc with 18 corrective lenses.

ri-scope® L Ophthalmoscope

Our ri-scope® L line of ophthalmoscopes contains our premium ophthalmoscopes options.

All Pupil II Indirect Ophthalmoscope

Offers high-contrast, clear images with the world’s leading Keeler optics.

DEC200 Digital Ophthalmoscope Camera System

Digital Ophthalmoscope Camera System to capture images of the fundus and optic nerve.

Riester ri-scope retinoscope 06 Photo
ri-scope® retinoscope

The ri-scope® retinoscope, also referred to as the skiascope, measures the refractive power of the eye.

Schiötz Tonometer

Highly precise eye tonometer for measuring intra-ocular pressure.

uni® I, II, III

uni®I Otoscope, uni®II May-Ophthalmoscope and uni®III Otoscope/May-Ophthalmoscope.

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