Medical lighting and binocular loupes

Riester medical lighting offers high performance medical LED lighting for a clear and efficient diagnosis covering a wide portfolio of products such as headlights, head mirrors, examination lights and penlights. State-of-the-art LED technology provides bright and white light while reducing maintenance costs and improving reliability.

Our range of binocular loupes comes with different magnifications from 2.0 up to 5.5x and excellent optical features. Suitable as dental loupes or surgical loupes.

The power of light inside medical devices

Low-quality medical lighting equipment can contribute to chaotic light working environment and increase risks of medical errors, stress, and poor healthcare standard.1  Influence of light condition on medication care in a hospital. Conversely, superior lighting in healthcare interior design tends to have a positive impact on a person's health and well-being. Moreover, in choosing medical devices lighting, healthcare professionals are being set up for their utmost performance success in every procedure they undertake. At Riester, top performance is achieved with low-consumption energy technology (green efficiency) in a field where light quality is crucial in everyday use.

Riester medical headlights and head mirrors show high level of wear comfort that translates into effortless operation even after long periods of use. Examination lights exhibit innovative light techniques via high performance LED technology that guarantee long lifespan, low heat dissipation and optimum viewing conditions.

Riester Headlights, Head Mirrors and Examination Lights

ri-focus® LED examination headlight

It provides optimal illumination and guaranteed optimal viewing conditions.

ri-magic® HPLED examination light

high-performance examination light with the most modern LED technology, similar to daylight.

clar N Head Mirror

Wireless high-performance head mirror built-in battery compartment with LED lighting or 6 V vacuum lamp.

Ziegler Head Mirror

The Ziegler head mirror is used as a light source in the detection, diagnosis, monitoring, treatment or alleviation of diseases, injuries or disabilities.

Diagnostic Penlights

e-xam® diagnostic penlight

Photobiologically validated high-performance penlights for medical diagnosis of throat and pupil.

ri-pen® diagnostic penlight

ri-pen® diagnostic penlight offers precision illumination in the areas of ENT and ophthalmoscopy. Available in many colours.

Binocular Loupes

XL Advantage Binocular Loupes

The XL Advantage Binocular Loupes are a magnification system offering 3.5x, 4.5x and 5.5x magnification.

SuperVu Galilean Binocular Loupes

The SuperVu Galilean binocular loupes offer a carefully calculated blend of comfort.

SuperVu HiRes Galilean Binocular Loupes

This loupe offers triple magnification with a 15% increased field of view.

K-LED Loupe Portable Light System

K-LED loupe portable light system is an additional accessory for use with the SuperVu loupe systems.


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