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Admin | 3 January 2024


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Lisa-Marie Mai


Lisa-Marie Mai is a dedicated Software Engineer in the R&D department at Riester. She holds a degree in computer engineering from Albstadt-Sigmaringen University, where she honed her skills and passion for technology. Lisa-Marie's journey at Riester began as a working student, followed by a 6-month internship and thesis work.

Upon completing her studies, Lisa-Marie eagerly joined a dynamic R&D team at Riester. She was drawn to the opportunity to work on a diverse range of products and tasks, contributing to the improvement of working processes right from the start. Her role allows for a self-determined approach to work, balancing software and hardware development—an ideal mix for her technical interests.


Since the inception of development in 2021, Lisa-Marie has been integral to the team working on the next generation of Riester's digital patient vital signs monitor. This innovative portable platform for medical examinations represents a significant project that aligns closely with her academic background and personal interests. She also provides crucial support to the production department, addressing software and hardware issues to ensure smooth operations.

Lisa-Marie embodies a belief that work should transcend mere routine—it should be a mission that one strives to fulfill each day. She takes pride in her team's accomplishments and values the collaborative spirit that drives innovation at Riester. Her dedication to applying her academic research directly into practical solutions underscores her commitment to advancing healthcare technology.

In her own words, Lisa-Marie Mai exemplifies the spirit of turning a career into a fulfilling mission, where every achievement is a source of pride and teamwork is key to success. Her contributions continue to shape Riester's innovation landscape, making a positive impact on the healthcare industry.

"I believe that it shouldn’t be just a job you’re doing everyday it should be more like a mission that you want to accomplish, and you should be proud of what you achieved together with your team."

Join us in celebrating Lisa-Marie's journey and her invaluable contributions to Riester's mission of technological excellence and healthcare advancement.