Halma Future Leader at Riester

Admin | 10 January 2024


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Johanna Enzmann


Johanna Enzmann, a Halma Future Leader, worked as a Requirement & Research Engineer within Riester's R&D department. Her pivotal role revolves around enhancing the functionality of our digital stethoscope, the ri-sonic, as she actively contributes to the definition of user requirements.

Discover Johanna's firsthand insights in her video as she shares her experiences at Riester, navigating the vibrant and multicultural environment of a German company with a diverse team.


In the video, Johanna Enzmann expresses that the most intriguing aspect for her is the opportunity to delve into marketing, product management, and R&D simultaneously, providing a unique external perspective on all three areas. She finds the work environment at Riester to be open and communicative, marking a refreshing change from her previous experience in a smaller, more siloed department.

As a part of the Halma Future Leaders program, she and her cohort share concerns about language barriers, but she reassures others that being a native English speaker is not a hindrance.


Learning German is seen as a fun challenge, and living in the region has proven to be a positive experience.


Her journey at Riester reflects a seamless integration into a dynamic and welcoming work environment, where she is contributing to meaningful projects and learning from diverse perspectives.


Halma future leader HVV

Johanna and the Riester team are at the Palace of Westminster, supporting Heart Valve Voice   in raising awareness of heart valve disease.

Halma future leader

Johanna and the Riester team are at the workshop, presenting on the enhancement of our digital stethoscope, the ri-sonic, and actively contributing to the definition of user requirements.