The Riester Telemedicine Case – mobile diagnostic case

The Riester Telemedicine case is designed to allow patient assessments to be carried out in selected remote locations globally. Data can be captured and transferred from a number of medical devices to allow the healthcare provider the ability to treat the patient on site.

Telemedicine Case: Ideal for emergency service and other remote applications

Telemedicine systems are becoming a necessity in modern healthcare. In developed towns and cities this does not present a problem, however in remote destinations or emergency situations having the ability to connect with specialist can be the difference between life and death.

The hard-case is robust and comes equipped with a rugged tablet PC to allow the user to be assured that during transport the equipment will remain safe and ready for use. The ability to transport the case and its equipment easily makes the case ideal for emergency service and other remote applications, with up to 7-hour battery life giving excellent ability to deal with multiple uses between charges.

Combined with the DocsinClouds software it offers a complete telemedicine platform which can be scaled to help your organisation, allowing you to choose the best possible telehealth solution for your needs.

The Case supports the following network possibilities:
  • Ethernet
  • Wi-Fi
  • Smartphone Hotspot
  • SIM-Card
Riester Telemedicine Case detail web

Features and devices

  1. Tablet – Dell Touch-Display
  2. PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) camera
  3. Conference Speaker
  4. RCS-100 Medical Camera System
  5. ri-sonic digital stethoscope
  6. Blood pressure management cuffs
  7. ri-thermo sensioPRO+ thermometer
  8. ECG
  9. Ultrasound probe
  10. Vital Signs Monitor

For more details see the images below.

Image gallery

Riester Telemedicine tablet web

1. Tablet
Tablet – Dell Touch-Display, 29.5 cm (11.6“), Full HD (1920 x 1080).

Riester Telemedicine camera web

2. PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) camera
Allows the clinician to control the camera from the remote station to allow full visualisation of the patient.

Riester Telemedicine speaker web

3. Conference Speaker
Brings high quality, 2-way sound to the teleconference allowing a clear conversation between patients and caregiver.

Riester RCS-100 for Telemedicine web

4. RCS-100 Medical Camera System
Providing the ability to assess patients via an Otoscope, Dermatoscope or standard lens it provides a high resolution, scalable image which can be seen either on the in-built screen or the tablet.

Riester Telemedicine ri-sonic web

5. ri-sonic® Electronic Stethoscope
Easily connect a USB digital stethoscope to stream live heart/lung sounds to the remote physician.

Riester Telemedicine cuff web

6. Blood Pressure Cuffs
Cuffs for Blood Pressure Management.

Riester Telemedicine thermometer web

7. ri-thermo® sensioPRO+
Non-contact thermometer

Riester Cardioline web

8. touchECG System HD+12
ECG allows simultaneous view of 12 lead high quality signals on screen, and rhythm strip of continuous acquisition (up to 30 minutes).

Riester Telemedicine ultrasound web

9. Ultrasound probe
Ultrasound probes are the perfect solution for general purpose and abdominal (GP-CO1), vascular and small part imaging (SP-LO1), images can be displayed on tablet PC live for immediate diagnosis.

Riester AMD Monitor web

10. PC-303 Vital Signs Monitor
Integrate medical data directly from an external vital signs monitor, so you can include and capture this information as part of the exam session, for the physician to review and evaluate. Possible measurement: temperature, Nibp, SPO2, PR.

Standard set-up for the case includes

  • Dell Rugged 11.6” touch display tablet PC
  • Detachable Bluetooth speaker
  • Detachable camera
  • Fold out medical grade keyboard with touch pad
  • USB interfaces
  • HDMI interface
  • Ethernet interface
  • Headset / TRRS Interface
  • Integrated battery pack
  • Strip light for night-time illumination of working area

Key features

Medical Video
Video Consultation
Session Documents
Universal HL7 and EMR filing systems
Multitude of medical devices
Integrated battery pack

Medical Video: Transmits live video and medical images from your integrated medical devices and endoscopes.

Video Consultation: Clinician and remote specialist can communicate in real time, using the built in point-to-point videoconference.

Session Documents: Capture the information gathered during the patient assessment in a format that can be shared or saved in the clinicians computer or into an EMR system.

Universal HL7 and EMR filing systems: Seamlessly export information collected during a patient session to a single HL7, FHIR file format. The HL7 module eases the integration with your organization’s infrastructure by providing a file that can interface
with EMR systems. In a single step, information is ready to be stored with the patient’s record.

Multitude of medical devices integrated that allow instant capturing and sharing of data of the examination session, for the physician to review and evaluate.

Integrated battery pack offering up to 9 hours of portable battery life (depending on the different configurations of medical devices or other usage conditions).

Do you need configuration guidance?

For guidance on the best configuration of your telemedicine system we are here to help! Write an Email to our Telemedicine Support Team.

Product details

Dimensions Closed (L x W x H): 559 x 356 x 229 mm, Opened (L x W x H): 559 x 550 x 530 mm
Weight Net weight (Basic configuration): 11.7 kg
Full weight (Configuration with the below medical devices): 14.05 kg
(RCS-100, GP-C01, PC-303, touchECG System HD+12, ri-thermo® sensioPRO+, ri-sonic®)
Monitor / display Touch-Display, 29.5 cm (11.6“), Full HD (1920 x 1080)
Wired / wireless connectivity Ethernet (LAN) / Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE
Battery Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, 11.1 V, 9 Ah
Power supply 100 - 240 V~, 50/60 Hz, 1.5 A
Connector USB 2.0 x 4, Audio x 1, HDMI x 1, Ethernet x 1
IP-protection class Closed: IP67
Opened: IPXX
Integrated medical devices RCS-100, ri-sonic®, ri-thermo® sensioPRO+, PC-303, GP-C01, GP-L01, touchECG System HD+12, Spirometer Lung Monitor Bluetooth®
Add-ons integrated medical
LT-300 SD, DEC200
Operating conditions
Temperature 0 °C to 40 °C
Relative humidity 5 to 95 % (non-condensing)
Air pressure 70 - 106 hPa
Storage and transport conditions
Temperature -20 °C to 60 °C
Relative humidity 5 to 95 % (non-condensing)
Air pressure 70 - 106 hPa


Riester Telemedicine devices


RCS-100 Medical Camera System

RCS-100 Digital Camera System is available with a choice of lenses and adapters.

ri-sonic® electronic stethoscope

PCP-USB and PCP-1 electronic stethoscopes for advanced digital auscultation.

PC-303 Vital Signs Monitor

A compact, portable vital signs monitor, enabling the user to quickly and conveniently measure and capture a patients vital signs.

touchECG System HD+12

Fully diagnostic 12 lead ECG acquisition unit, with a 10-wire patient cable and integration with Riester telemedicine stations.

ri-thermo® sensioPRO+ thermometer

A thermometer which measures temperature without contact with single-handed operation.

ri-thermo® tymPRO+ tympanic thermometer

Tympanic thermometer which measures temperature with single-handed operation and single-use probe covers.

GP-C01 Abdominal Ultrasound Probe

Portable Point-of-Care USB Ultrasound Curved Array Transducer for all general purpose imaging needs.

Riester Ultrasound SP-L01 500x500
SP-L01 Vascular Ultrasound Probe

The SP-L01 Ultrasound Probe is the perfect solution for vascular and small parts imaging.

ri-champion smartPRO

The Riester ri-champion® smartPRO+ is a clinically validated blood pressure monitor, designed for fast and reliable readings.

LT-300 SD Digital Colposcope

Digital video colposcope for colposcopy. Compatible with Riester Telemedicine Cart and Case.

DEC200 Digital Ophthalmoscope Camera System

Digital Ophthalmoscope Camera System to capture images of the fundus and optic nerve.

Riester Spirometer Crop 500 x 500
Spirometer Lung Monitor

Fast, Accurate and Easy-to-use Bluetooth® Lung Monitoring.

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