touchECG System HD+12

The touchECG System HD+12 is a fully diagnostic 12 lead ECG acquisition unit, with a 10-wire patient cable. It is lightweight, wireless and rugged in design. Bluetooth integration with Riester telemedicine point of care stations (Cart and Case) makes ECG acquisition possible in clinic or on the go through integration into the DocsInClouds telemedicine software.

Application for use with the Riester telemedicine point of care stations

Intended use

The device function consists of acquiring and wirelessly transmitting ECG signal for displaying, processing, and presenting ECG signal for the purpose of supporting the diagnose of patient conditions.

HD+ is a wireless acquisition device, to be primarily used as common ECG front-end for PC/tablet (Windows/MAC OS/other) standard platforms, both for Resting ECG and Stress ECG applications. The device implements the wireless communication via Bluetooth wireless technology. Connected with a receiver via Bluetooth, HD+ sends the data to the host without making any analysis or filtering.

The ECG is transmitted verbatim to the receiving system, without LSB or sampling adjustment. HD+ is not intended to control or analyse heart function and/or to diagnose the patient's health status. The analysis program on the host is a separate product.

The results of the analysis must always be validated by qualified, trained medical personnel.

  • HD+ uses standard 12 lead ECG cable to acquire the physiological signal to the patient.
  • HD+ allows the patient to be ambulatory.
  • HD+ is intended to be used on adult and all paediatric patients.
  • HD+ is intended for use in a medical environment (hospitals, clinics and medical practices), in homecare or in an emergency environment (ambulances).
  • HD+ is intended for use by qualified, trained nurses and physicians.

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touchECG System HD+12


Riester Telemedicine Cart

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Riester Telemedicine Case

Features of touchECG System HD+12

  • Fully diagnostic 12 lead ECG acquisition unit, with 10 wire patient cable
  • Seamlessly integrated into the Docsinclouds Telemedicine software for or live remote in vitro use to capture ECG data for sharing and captured in diagnostic reports.
  • Lightweight, wireless and robust device, comfortable for patient and ease of use for technician
  • High signal quality with low noise. Exceeds the most stringent standards for ECG acquisition (AAMI, AHA)
  • Extreme portability and ease of use thanks to single command button, with water and dust protection
  • (IP42 with silicon shell) and drop proof (1 meter, all angles)
  • Low power consumption technology allows for more than 10 hours of continuous usage (greater than 500 ECG’s)
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Seamlessly integrates with Riester’s Telemedicine stations and Telemedicine software solution partner

touchECG System HD+12 seamlessly integrates with Riester’s Telemedicine stations and Telemedicine software solution partner.

Simultaneously capture and share ECG data in the Riester Telemedicine Stations integrated into DocsinClouds telemedicine. More about DocsinClouds Software.



Technical information

touchECG System HD+12

ECG leads 12-leads (I, II, III, aVR-L-F, V1-6)
Bandwidth 300 Hz (@1000 m/s)
Pacemaker detection Hardware detection coupled with digital convolution filter
Defibrillation protection AAMI/IEC standard
Front-end performance ANSI/AAMI IEC 60601-2-25:2011
Data transfer Bluetooth 2.0+ EDR with "secure pairing"
Lead-fail detection Independent for all leads
Compatible devices Cardioline touchecg, Cardioline cubestress.
Power supply 2 AAA standard batteries
Battery Duration More than 500 ECGs
Dimensions 115 x 65 x 15 mm
Weight < 90 g, including batteries
Protection against harmful ingress of water IP40 /IP42

Compatible with EN 1789 (Ambulances) and EN 60601-1-11 (homecare) requirements

Transportation and storage conditions

In order to prevent possible damage to the device and/or its accessories during transportation and storage (when still in its original packaging), comply with the following environmental conditions:

Ambient temperature 0°C to +40°C
Relative humidity 25% to 95%
Atmospheric pressure 700 mbar - 1060 mba

Operating conditions

The device and its accessories are intended for use in hospitals or doctor's
offices and should comply with the following environmental requirements:

Ambient temperature 0 °C to +40 °C
Relative humidity 25% to 95%
Atmospheric pressure 700 mbar - 1060 mba

Ordering information

touchECG System HD+12

1927 All except US touchECG system HD+12


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