Riester digital stethoscopes

The latest improvement in stethoscope technology is the ability to accurately diagnose the patient and monitor a progression of an illness using a digital platform.

Enabling clinicians to save, livestream and share auscultation recordings

Digital stethoscopes have been developed to not only improve the sound quality and amplification of the sounds, but also to enable the clinician to save, livestream and share the recordings, allowing any clinician to take the auscultation and ask for a consultation remotely.

The digital stethoscope can be linked to a PC, a telemedicine station or smart devices with an app to not only listen but to aid in diagnosis of illnesses such as heart murmurs, lung and bowel conditions.

Digital stethoscope portfolio

Digital Auscultation

ri-sonic stethoscope and eMurmur software
ri-sonic electronic stethoscope

PCP-USB and PCP-1 electronic stethoscopes for advanced digital auscultation.

Riester eMurmur web copy
Advanced Digital Auscultation

Advanced digital auscultation solution for healthcare professionals

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