Better screening and diagnosis of heart and lung disease

eMurmur, the advanced digital auscultation software

Features and benefits

The need for remote auscultation and contact free consultation has never been more acute, amplified by the pandemic

Advanced Digital Auscultation

ri-sonic® electronic stethoscope

How it works – Three primary modes of virtual auscultation at home and in clinic

eMurmur Plans and Features

Features Pro
Single User
Pro Enterprise Telehealth lite Single User Telehealth Single User Telehealth Enterprise
Filtering: bell, diaphragm, wideband
Sound visualization
App- and browser-based listening, recording and playback
Provider findings capture and reporting
Asynchronous sharing for specialist consult
Remote auscultation via live streaming
Remote recording of auscultation sounds
Remote provider findings capture
Tiered licenses
Shared provider patient directory
Admin console for user management

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