ri-clip® Vein Compressor

When removing blood samples from the arm (known as phlebotomy) can be a tricky procedure, even for the most experienced clinician. Anything that can be done to make the ability to visualize the vein easier is always helpful.

ri-clip® is a disinfectable simple to use and release torniquet

Its easy lock and release mechanism allow for the fastest and most comfortable possible use for both the patient and clinician, preventing any pinching of the skin.



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ri-clip® Vein Compressor


ri-clip® Vein Compressor detail

Benefit to the clinician

  • Simple tension and release clip
  • Aids easy visualisation of the vein for blood draw
  • Hygienic, can be disinfected with conventional disinfectants or autoclaved at 120 °C / 1 bar

Benefit to the patient

  • Available in latex-free, avoiding unpleasant skin reactions
  • Avoids unpleasant catching of small hairs and pinching of skin

Product details

Dimensions Loop diameter max. 160 mm
Band width 23 mm
Band length 560 mm

Ordering information

ri-clip® Vein Compressor

5000 EU ri-clip®
LF5000. All ri-clip®, latex free


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