Ziegler Head Mirror

Please note: This product is now discontinued; this page is for product support and information only.

The Ziegler forehead mirror consists of a concave mirror with a hole, which is connected to the headband with an easy-to-mount ball-and-socket joint. Therefore, the mirror can be turned into the desired direction. The headband can be easily adjusted to the circumference of the head by means of a metal buckle on the side of the headband, to guarantee a secure fit.

Illumination by reflection of an external light source


Ziegler head mirror with cover of mirror


Ziegler head mirror headband metal buckle


Ziegler head mirror headband


Ziegler head mirror ball-and-socket joint

Features and benefits

  • Mirror Ø 90 mm
  • Easy to assemble thanks to sturdy ball-and-socket joint
  • Headband can be individually adjusted to the shape of the head
  • Diameter headband: 100 - 200 mm

Product details

Dimensions Ziegler head mirror

Max. Headband diameter approx. 200 mm
Min. Headband diameter approx. 120 mm
Diameter mirror 90 mm
Length of mirror arm approx. 45 mm

Ordering Information

Ziegler head mirror

Art. No. Region Description
6005 EU Ziegler head mirror

Spare parts and accessories

Art. No. Region Description
11305 EU Headband
11312 EU ziegler head-mirror only


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