clar N Head Mirror

clar N is a wireless high-performance head mirror built-in battery compartment with LED lighting or 6V vacuum lamp. The headband is infinitely adjustable, offering high level of wear-comfort for practitioners without fatiguing operation even after long periods of use. The removable inner pad is washable for comfortable insertion and removal. The headband with integrated battery compartment can be ordered either for lithium CR 123A batteries or NiMH batteries with plug-in charger 230V / 120V.

Providing bright and cold examination light

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clar N head mirror


clar N with battery compartment


clar N battery compartment with charger


clar N LED charger, battery, foam tape and velcro points

Features and benefits

  • One-hand operation
  • Built-in battery compartment and integral charge jack, optionally fitted with 2 lithium batteries size CR 123 A,
    4 batteries size AAA (alkaline) or 4 rechargeable batteries size AAA (NiMH)
  • Wireless and balanced headband, cleaning made easy by inner, removable and washable padding.
  • Adjustable lamp holder on the mirror to focus the circle of light.
  • Particularly comfortable with balanced, infinitely adjustable headband.
  • Mirror Ø 55 mm infinitely adjustable and fixable.
  • On/off switch on the battery compartment.
  • Battery operation approx. 4 hrs. with lithium batteries, approx. 90 min. with alkaline batteries Type AAA, approx. 90 min. with rechargeable battery

Product details


Max. Headband diameter approx. 200 mm
Min. Headband diameter approx. 160 mm
Diameter mirror 50 mm
Length of mirror arm approx. 50 mm


without batteries 209 g
with CR 123 A lithium batteries 242 g
with rechargeable AAA batteries 258 g

Lamp for clar N

Technical data of the lamp for clar N 4000 - 4200 Kelvin CRI 95 1W

Light field

Distance 400 mm / 200 mm
Lux max. LED 11.600 / 30.000
Lux max. Vacuum 6V 4000 / 7300

Further details

Plug-in charging device 5.8V 0.25A 50/60 Hz
Ambient temperature 0° to +40 °C
Relative Humidity 30% to 70% non-condensing
Storage/ Transport Ambient temperature -5 ° to +50 °C
Storage/ Transport relative Humidity 10% to 85% non-condensing

Ordering information

clar N

6070 EU clar N, Vacuum 6 V with CR 123A lithium batteries
6072 EU clar N, LED with CR 123A lithium batteries
6074 EU clar N, Vacuum 6 V with rechargeable NiMH AAA batteries and plug in charger 120 V
6071 EU clar N, Vacuum 6 V with rechargeable NiMH AAA batteries and plug in charger 230 V
6075 EU clar N, LED with rechargeable NiMH AAA batteries and plug in charger 120 V
6073 EU clar N, LED with rechargeable NiMH batteries and plug in charger 230 V

Spare parts and accessories

11280 EU Head-mirror only, Ø 55 mm, vacuum bulb 6 V
11281 EU Head-mirror only, Ø 55 mm, LED bulb 6 V
11295 EU Head band, black with battery compartment
11301 EU Vacuum lamps 6V, pack of 6 pcs.
11302 EU LED lamp, pack of 1 pc.
11287 EU Lithium disposable CR 123 A batteries (2 pcs.)
11288 EU AAA type rechargeable NiMH batteries (4 pcs.)
12680 EU Battery compartment cover for lithium CR 123A
12681 EU Battery compartment cover for NiMH batteries AAA
11284 EU Plug in charger 230 V
11286 EU Plug in charger 120 V
11289 EU Foam tape 120 mm long
11293 EU Velcro points Ø 35 mm
11294 EU Velcro points Ø 47 mm


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