Binocular Loupes

The Riester binocular loupes are available with a variety of magnifications for specific applications and up to four different working distances. Due to their excellent optical features they are suitable as dental loupes or surgical loupes.

The Riester binocular loupes portfolio

XL Advantage Binocular Loupes

The XL Advantage Binocular Loupes are a magnification system offering 3.5x, 4.5x and 5.5x magnification.

SuperVu Galilean Binocular Loupes

The SuperVu Galilean binocular loupes offer a carefully calculated blend of comfort.

SuperVu HiRes Galilean Binocular Loupes

This loupe offers triple magnification with a 15% increased field of view.

K-LED Loupe Portable Light System

K-LED loupe portable light system is an additional accessory for use with the SuperVu loupe systems.