RBP-100 Automated Blood Pressure Monitor

The Riester RBP-100 is a professional, feature packed, versatile, clinical grade, digital blood pressure monitor.

Available RBP-100 Models


RBP-100 mobile model


RBP-100 wall model


RBP-100 table model


RBP-100 rail model

RBP-100 with ri-former® modular diagnostic station

Features and benefits


This World class, clinical grade NIBP monitor is approved by the BIHS validation, see Monitors for specialist use.
It offers the following features:

  • Arrythmia detection and clinically validated for patients with special conditions such as hypertension, hypotension, diabetes, pregnancy, pre-eclampsia, arteriosclerosis, end-stage renal disease, obesity, the elderly and for children > 3 years of age
  • Light Weight: 510g (1.12 lb) and practical blood pressure monitor for clinical use
  • Touch screen, easy to read 4" LCD screen, for easy one touch operation
  • Memory: capacity for 210 readings
  • Display panel with WHO Blood Pressure Value Classification (colour coded)
  • Rechargeable internal battery pack (4x NIMH AA) allows 1000 measurements when fully charged
  • 6 hours needed for a full charge
  • Partial standby mode (shut-off of background illumination after 10 seconds)
  • Storage basket on the reverse side for desk, mobile and for wall-mount version. Additional optional basket can be attached to pole of mobile stand
  • 2-year warranty

Product details

RBP-100 Automated Blood Pressure Monitor



Operation modes

Oscillometric mode Fast readings, typically 30 – 40 seconds
Auscultatory mode With auto-deflate (3 mmHg/sec) provides consistent patient BP measurement and allows clinicians to verify automated readings without removing the cuff
Average mode Aggregates 3x readings automatically to give a more objective measurement results for clinicians and helps to reduce elevated readings due to white-coat effect
Interval settings possible in average mode: 15, 30, 45, 60 seconds

BP & pulse measurement range

Systolic 60-255 mmHg
Diastolic 30-200mmHg
MAP 40-200 mmHg
Heart rate 40-200 bpm
BP Tube Length 280 cm (110.24 in)

Latex free cuffs included

Adult cuff (Size M, 22-32cm / 8.67 - 12.6 inch)
Large adult cuff Large adult cuff (Size L+XL, 32-52cm / 12.6 - 20.48 inch)
Optional: Child cuff (size S, 14-22cm / 5.52-8.67 inch)

Power Management

International Compatibility Country-specific interchangeable socket plugs are included in standard delivery of each version
Alternative Power AC/DC adapter 7.5V/1.5A


510g (1.12 lb) and practical blood pressure monitor for clinical use

BIHS Validation



Ordering information


1740 All RBP-100 table model
1741 All RBP-100 mobile model
1742 All RBP-100 wall model
1743 EU RBP-100 rail model


162 All Velcro cuff (children) with connector, 1 tube, Latex-free for RBP-100 14-22 cm
Riester Cuff 162
163 All Velcro cuff (adult) with connector, 1 tube, Latex-free for RBP-100 (Medium: 22-32 cm)
Riester Cuff 163
164 All Velcro cuff (large adult) with connector, 1 tube, Latex-free for RBP-100 (Large / extra-large: 32-52 cm)
Riester Cuff 164


10392 All Small basket for mobile stand
10393 All Large basket for mobile stand
10697 EU Tube 2.5 m with metal connector
10698 EU AC / DC adapter 7.5 V / 1.5 mA
10696 EU Batteries rechargeable NIMH AA (4pcs)

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