Automated Blood Pressure Monitors

World class, clinical grade technology for fast and reliable readings.

Accuracy you can rely on!

Clinically validated to international standards (BIHS, ESH, AAMI).

Riester clinical grade technology makes the difference. Automated blood pressure monitors manufactured by Riester offer high precision and fast readings. Riester automated blood pressure monitors are clinically validated according to BIHS, ESH and AAMI and come with 2 years warranty.


Our Automated Blood Pressure Monitors

ri-champion smartPRO

The Riester ri-champion® smartPRO+ is a clinically validated blood pressure monitor, designed for fast and reliable readings.


RBP-100 is a professional, feature packed, versatile, clinical grade, digital blood pressure monitor.

ri-champion N

ri-champion N – Clinically validated automatic blood pressure monitor.