Happy Women’s Day !

Admin | 8 March 2023

Happy Women’s Day to all the incredible women around the world!

In celebration of this special day, we took the opportunity to ask some of our talented female colleagues about their thoughts on the best aspects of a company led by a woman. Their responses shed light on the positive impact that female leadership can have on organizational culture and dynamics. Let's delve into their insightful perspectives and discover the unique qualities that make a company led by a woman truly special.



What is the best thing about a company led by a woman?

“With our new female CEO, a healthy, open-minded and respectful company culture is being introduced.”

– Daniela Greco, Head of Customer Service

“Equality and friendly interaction.”
– Maria Colella, Customer Service & Front Desk

“Big focus on diversity and equality, women are being heard.”
– Asli Girgin, Customer Service

We are proud to have so many strong and amazing women in our team! In total, the Riester team contains 79 women (which is almost half of the whole staff) of 13 different nationalities, including German, Ukrainian, Turkish and Mexican.



As we celebrate Women's Day, it serves as a powerful reminder of the remarkable achievements and ongoing challenges that women face worldwide. It is a moment to honor the strides made towards gender equality and to acknowledge the journey ahead. At Riester, the leadership of a female CEO has brought about a significant transformation in our company culture, fostering an environment of inclusivity, respect, and diversity. Women's voices are not only acknowledged but embraced, creating a workplace where every employee feels empowered and valued.

As we commemorate Women's Day, let us commit to continuing our advocacy for women's rights both within the workplace and in society as a whole. Let us uplift one another, celebrate each other's victories, and stand united in solidarity. Together, we have the power to shape a world where every woman is afforded the opportunity to flourish and thrive. Happy Women's Day to all the remarkable and inspiring women out there!