Water for Life

Admin | 30 March 2022

Over the month of October 2021, Riester and our sister company Keeler ran a friendly competition to see whose team of 5 could amass the greatest number of miles to raise money for Halma's Water for Life Campaign.

The Halma-Water Aid partnership in Northeast India

The Water for Life campaign is part of the Halma-Water Aid partnership which focuses on two areas in Northeast India: Bhagalpur and Buxar. In these regions only 15% and 3% of the population respectively have access to safe piped water supply in the community. Halma is donating life-saving water treatment technology and raising funds to ensure the people of the region have access to safe, clean water.



Combined efforts for the Water for Life campaign




The results came in to show that Keeler had narrowly won on the number of miles by 92, however Riester smashed them out of the park on money raised, £2,348.47 versus £638.

A very special mention to Stacy Lamb who raised a whopping total of $2,477!

Overall, the combined efforts of Riester and Keeler raised £2986.47 for Halma's Water for Life campaign. An incredible amount and a huge success! Heartfelt thanks to everyone who took part in this challenge, and to those who donated to this worthwhile cause.