Rudolf Riester turns 75!

Admin | 19 April 2023


Rudolf Riester turns 75!


Rudolf Riester GmbH celebrate their 75th company anniversary this year. We want to take the opportunity to look back at the most important milestones Riester has experienced so far.



1948 – Riester was founded by Rudolf Riester

In 1948, Riester was founded by Rudolf Riester in Jungingen, Germany.
The first mercury blood pressure device was developed and manufactured. In 1949, the first export order was received from Egypt.


Rudolf Riester, the founder of the company.


The Riester facility in 1948.


The first Riester mercury blood pressure device.

1954 – New manufacturing building



 The new manufacturing building was dedicated in 1954.


1950-1960 – Extension of the product range

Between 1950 and 1960, stethoscopes, aneroid blood pressure devices and ENT as well as ophthalmic diagnostic instruments were added to the product range. In 1964, Riester developed the first digital blood pressure meter.



The first Riester devices for ENT and Ophthalmology.


The first Riester aneroid blood pressure devices.


The first digital blood pressure meter developed by Riester in 1964.

1960-1980 – Expansions of the production facility



Between 1960 and 1980, the production site was expanded several times.


1987 – Awarded for its international trade relations



The international distribution was further developed. In 1987, Riester won an award for international trade relations assigned by the trade magazine “Comercio International”.


2000-2008 – Significant investments in R&D


Riester was acquired by Halma in 2007. Between 2000 and 2008 significant investments were made in the R&D of new products and the operations were modernized


Riester today

Today, Riester is an international company with around 170 employees from all over the world, developing medical devices of the highest standards and offering their products to over 150 countries worldwide. By now, Riester provides not only diagnostic medical devices, but also telemedicine solutions.

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