Operations Director at Riester

Admin | 3 January 2024



Martin Haug


In the fast-paced world of corporate dynamics, longevity is often a rare gem. Meet Martin Haug, the Operations Director at Riester, whose steadfast commitment has spanned an impressive 34 years with the company. In this exclusive video, Martin takes us on a journey through the various chapters of his career, shedding light on the diverse roles he's undertaken and the pivotal moments that have shaped Riester during his tenure.



In the video, Martin Haug, with his signature humility, shares insights into his remarkable journey. Having joined Riester in 1989, he narrates the evolution of his roles, from production to marketing and IT, showcasing a commendable versatility. Martin emphasizes the importance of adapting to new challenges, highlighting his role as the troubleshooter during the implementation of Navision.

As the Operations Director, Martin's primary responsibility is ensuring the smooth functioning of production. However, his impact extends far beyond the technical aspects.

He passionately discusses the shift in focus from a routine '7 to 4.30 mentality' to creating a workplace where employees genuinely enjoy coming in every day.


Looking to the future, Martin envisions continued growth and innovation for Riester. He eagerly anticipates the company's expansion and hopes to witness and contribute to a significant leap in its trajectory.

Martin Haug's 34-year journey encapsulates not only personal milestones but mirrors Riester's growth, resilience, and commitment to fostering a positive and empowering work environment.