Quality & Regulatory Affairs Manager at Riester

Admin | 3 January 2024


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Athanasios Tziotzios


Athanasios Tziotzios brings a wealth of expertise as the Quality and Regulatory Affairs Manager in Riester's Quality Management department. Originally from Greece and at just 26 years old, Athanasios chose to launch his professional career at Riester following his studies in Medical Engineering at Hochschule Furtwangen in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany. Joining the company in February 2021, he was drawn to Riester by the welcoming environment and advanced technological infrastructure that supports his work.

Within Riester, Athanasios plays a crucial role in the quality management team, which operates proactively to meet stringent quality management requirements, particularly under the challenging framework of the Medical Device Regulation (EU) 2017/745. His responsibilities encompass ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, managing specific medical device requirements, and overseeing product registrations on a global scale. These tasks demand meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of regulatory landscapes, both of which Athanasios navigates adeptly to uphold Riester's commitment to excellence.


Athanasios is driven by a personal philosophy of continuous improvement, not only for himself but also for his colleagues. He values the collaborative spirit at Riester, where he can connect with diverse professionals and collectively strive for ongoing enhancement and innovation. His proactive approach and dedication to maintaining high standards contribute significantly to Riester's reputation as a leader in the healthcare technology sector.

In his own words, Athanasios reflects,

"I try to improve myself every day and help other people also. I like Riester because I can connect with many people and together, we can always improve ourselves."


His commitment to personal growth and teamwork underscores his contributions to Riester's mission of delivering reliable and compliant medical devices that improve healthcare outcomes globally.

Athanasios Tziotzios stands as a testament to Riester's values of integrity, innovation, and collaboration. Through his leadership in quality and regulatory affairs, he continues to drive Riester forward in meeting the evolving challenges of the healthcare industry while maintaining a steadfast commitment to excellence.