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Advanced digital auscultation with ri-sonic® electronic stethoscope and eMurmur® software

The Riester ri-sonic® electronic stethoscope, coupled with eMurmur’s software, provides an advanced digital auscultation solution for healthcare professionals, to screen, monitor, diagnose and consult on heart, lung, and bowel health. In clinic, in hospital or at home.

Better screening and diagnosis of heart and lung disease

eMurmur facilitates the recording and live streaming of cardiac and pulmonary sounds; specialist review, consultation, electronic case reporting of auscultation sessions, and more.


eMurmur auscultation screen and App Home Screen


Record position of auscultation


Record and compare new auscultations to previous auscultations in the web portal.

eMurmur AI

Detect murmur using AI technology

AI Coming Soon!

Discover the future of heart health with our cutting-edge AI technology!

Embark on a new era of heart health with our revolutionary AI integration for ri-sonic and eMurmur! Detect murmurs like never before and delve into the forefront of artificial intelligence advancements. Intrigued? Learn more about the groundbreaking features awaiting you. 

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