ri-sonic PCP-USB and PCP-1 Electronic Stethoscope

Auscultatory Sound, Telemedicine, Electronic Stethoscope, Mobile Device Platforms

The Riester ri-sonic PCP-USB and PCP-1 electronic stethoscopes are designed to provide auscultatory sound via Telemedicine, computer or through mobile device platforms. This can be done in real time remotely or through sharing of recorded files.

  • The PCP-USB or PCP-1 stethoscope plugs directly into any mobile platform, PC or tablet computer
  • Uses patented piezo technology for picking up body sounds with minimal background arte- facts
  • No requirements for a second doctor on transmit end. Patients can use the stethoscope on themselves
  • Easy to use electronic stethoscope, no buttons or dials
  • No batteries needed
  • Ergonomic design