Riester helps to bring medical care to remote and underdeveloped areas all over the world by offering quality products of the highest standards and cutting–edge technologies.


Riester has now partnered with company AMD Global Telemedicine to offer a broad range of Telemedicine solutions to our existing customer base and beyond.

AMD Global Telemedicine and Riester, Closing the Gap in Healthcare!


Please contact us via www.riester.de/en/contact/ if you want to know more about our new partnership with AMD Telemedicine.

The AMD-Riester Primary Care Telemedicine Solution Packages we offer are based on the AMD Clinical Assist Modular Telemedicine System.

Lightweight - Modular - Simple

The Clinical Assist is the AMD base telemedicine system, designed for clinical applications that need a lightweight and modular system that can accommodate various telemedicine applications and medical specialties.

The flexibility of the Clinical Assist's modular design makes it a great solution for organizations that need to start with a basic set up and then add on components and medical devices to support growth into other medical specialties.

The Clinical Assist is easy to configure to your needs.

1. Customer choose the cart opions and components.

2. Customer select the telemedicine software & medical devices 

Please see the different Primary Care Telemedicine Solutions Packages further below: