vet I Otoscope Set

Open design for unhindered use during examination and operation

ri-scope® operation otoscope sets with ear specula and spare lamps in an impact-resistant case.

vet I otoscope (suitable for larger animals)

  • ri-scope operation otoscope (veterinary)
  • Ear specula
    • Reusable metal specula, unslotted, sterilisable
    • Diameter 4 mm, length 83 mm
    • Diameter 5 mm, length 62 mm
    • Diameter 6 mm, length 82 mm
    • Reusable metal specula, slotted, sterilisable
    • Diameter 7,5 mm, length 68 mm
    • Diameter 9,4 mm, length 92 mm
  • 1 spare lamp
  • Swivel lens with 2.5x magnification
  • Movable speculum holder; can be fixed in any position
  • Open design for unhindered use during examination and operation
  • Bayonet fitting for fast and secure attachment to the handle
  • OP otoscope made of metal; speculum holder made of impact-resistant plastic for long service life
  • Fast lamp exchange at the front of the otoscope
  • Xenon illumination (3,200K)
    • excellent colour rendering close to natural daylight conditions for more efficient diagnosis
  • Energy efficiency with Li-ion batteries
    • 20 hours operational life with fully charged Li-Ion battery
    • Rechargeable battery lifetime: up to 1,200 charging cycles
  • rheotronic– electronic light intensity adjustment
    • 100% light output after short switch activation
    • Continuously variable light adjustment
    • Automatic safety shut-down after 180 seconds
  • Battery handles with bayonet fitting for C-size alkaline batteries
  • Rechargeable handles for desk-top charger ri-charger L (for 2 handles) and plug-in charger (for 1 handle)
  • 2 years warranty