uni® III Oto-/Ophthalmoscope Sets and econom® Sets

The classic diagnostic instruments for EENT

uni® / econom® -  Designed for everyday use, made from metal with a full range of instruments for EENT and with a wide range of power supply options.

  • Impact resistant, metal enclosures
  • Illumination with XL xenon (3.200K) or vacuum lamps
  • Energy efficient Li-ion batteries
    • 3 hours operational life with fully charged Li-Ion battery and Xenon lamp
    • Rechargeable battery life: up to 1.200 charging cycles
  • Rheostat for regulation of light intensity
  • Battery handle for C size alkaline batteries
  • Rechargeable handle for desk-top charger ri-charger L (for 2 handles) and plug-in charger (for 1 handle)
  • Plug-in connector for simple attachment of the instrument head
  • 2 years warranty