uni® I / econom® Otoscope

Classic otoscope design with direct illumination

uni® / econom® otoscope – classic, metal otoscope with direct vacuum or XL xenon illumination and a wide range of power supply options.

  • Removable magnifying lens with 4x magnification can be swivelled to both sides
  • Removable glass cover for inserting external instruments
  • Suitable for nasal examinations when using the 9mm speculum
  • Plug-in connector for quick attachment to handle
  • Sealed system for performing pneumatic otoscopy
  • Chrome-plated metal head
  • Simple lamp exchange at the front of the instrument head
  • Sets including reusable ear specula with stainless steel fitting (2, 3, and 4 mm)
  • Direct illumination with 2.7 V vacuum, XL 2.5 V xenon or XL 3.5 V xenon lamp
  • Reusable ear specula with stainless steel fitting
    • Specula sizes: 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm and 9 mm
    • Sterilisation at 134°C for 10 minutes in a steam sterilizer or disinfectable

uni® I otoscope set

Available with C-size battery handle or rechargeable handle for plug-in charger or ri-charger® L with Li-ion batteries.  

  • uni® otoscope
  • C-size handle for alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries
  • With reusable ear specula 2, 3 and 4mm
  • Flexible plastic case