ri-dispo Laryngoscopes

Riester disposable laryngoscopes are designed for high performance and do avoid cross-contamination.

Our single-use disposable laryngoscopes combined with our LED light sources offer a high standard of lighting, while presenting the opportunity to substantially reduce the potential for cross-infection.

  • Compatible with fibre optic handles (green standard) available with 3.5 V or 2.5 V LED or xenon lamps for bright, white light
    • light performance of LED up to 22,000 Lux
    • light performance of Xenon bulb up to 12,000 Lux
  • Full range of Macintosh fibre optic and Miller blades
  • Reliable locking mechanism with metal ball
  • Solid construction from tip to heel made of Makrolon material
  • Large range of handles for alkaline batteries or rechargeable Li-ion batteries type AA or type C
  • Desk-top charger ri-charger L for 2 handles size AA or C
  • Plug-in charger (phone-style) for single C size handle
  • All blades are compatible with handles complying with ISO 7376
  • Pack of 20 disposable blades